Marissa Jablonski, PhD

Developing smart strategies for a more sustainable environment.

Hi, I’m Marissa.

I help people transition toward more environmentally sustainable ways of living and working.

As an engineer and an educator, I’m deeply committed to protecting the environment and global water supplies. I work internationally with groups who are wrestling with complex concerns related to plastics, water, and sustainability.

I’ve worked in Asia and Latin America designing and constructing water-related projects in developing communities to ensure that people have safe access to clean water.

More recently I’ve served as an AAAS Science, Technology & Policy Fellow at USAID and am an Environmental Advisor in the Office of Food and Peace. I also worked with the US Embassy of Thailand and the Phuket Hotels Association to cut single-use plastics out of their hotels.

Today I’m a Sustainability Consultant and Advisor, helping organizations develop smart strategies for environmental sustainability through:

  • Usage Audits
  • Reduction Strategies and Plans
  • Customized Workshops
  • Speaking Engagements

To learn more, visit my LinkedIn page to see my full resumé.

Are you looking to guide your group or organization toward a more environmentally sustainable future? I can help — let’s talk!

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